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Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Business Planning: Case Studies in Closely Held Entities

Professor William Henderson (fall 2023)

This website combines nine case studies covered in my 2023 Business Planning class.

  1. VisaNow: Full lifecycle of legaltech company in the immigration law space
  2. Autovisa: Early-stage legaltech start-up with a promising immigration law product.
  3. Northborne Partners: The story a successful sell-side investment bank
  4. Chocolate Moose: Reinventing a beloved local ice cream business
  5. Bloomington Trade District: City government delegates complex real estate development to strategic nonprofit
  6. Re:Land Group: A bold new way to successfully redevelop a poor and neglected urban neighborhood
  7. PactSafe: A powerful platform for enabling and tracking valid clickwrap contracts
  8. Chamberlain Group: Garage door company uses IP strategy to become leader in remote access
  9. Marty Klaper: Becoming a trusted advisor to closely held businesses
Business Planning Case Studies